Monday, February 2, 2009

Present cakes #1

Max was a big help this time. He called this his "construction site". Well, I guess it sort of was!
These cakes were a challenge, and made me decide on making friends with cupcakes for a while until I learn some of the basics of all these new materials before I launch such a project again. The cake was regular vanilla sheet cake. I found a great half sheet pan from Williams Sonoma ($19.00) that is amazing. The layer inside was chocolate ganache.Key note: always chop chocolate into tiny pieces (1/4 inch or less) before pouring hot heavy cream over it to melt. Otherwise you end up with my version, which was "chunky chocolate ganache"
(I don't think a French culinary master chef would be too happy with that outcome).

The next challenge with this cake was getting the fondant to cover a square surface. After the third cake it was working much better for me, and it was basically smooth all around. The bows were made out of gum paste, and turned out OK. I think after some practice they could end up looking very nice, but round one had its flaws for sure.


  1. Liza - the cakes are beautiful! I look forward to seeing future creations.

  2. These deserts are amazing and the photos are beautiful... Looks like a lot of fun at the Curtis factory.. I really want to come visit.

  3. this is awesome - i am so excited to follow the progress - they look amazing gweed and you are so incredibly talented! I love your creative directors!