Sunday, August 23, 2009

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Lizzie Ian test cake #2

So, a few things went wrong here which I will hopefully remedy with the next test cake (which will also serve as Ella's first birthday cake in a few weeks :)

I will need to make two batches of cake in order to bake (3) 6" round and (3) 9" round cakes. The entire cake will require (4) batches of butter cream icing as well. I did not have enough icing this time so I had to make more at the last minute and was not able to properly fill and frost this one...

I should frost each cake before assembling as well- that should make for a smoother transition between the layers and a better looking cake.

Not sure what I think about using this platter for the wedding, it is a great platter but it may be better to use a fondant covered board with some decorative ribbon around it? I will see what the bride and groom want:)

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